Gilded Butterfly Studio

Blending Timeless Treasures with Modern Accents.
We design amazing pieces that will transform Steampunk devotees into timeless characters! One-of-a-kind pieces to enhance your outfit: artistic jewelry, medals and distinctive capes. For the Steampunk collector: one-of-a-kind furniture, decor & lighting pieces for your home & office. Enter our world & experience the delight of creating the lifestyle you've always desired.

About Gilded Butterfly Studio

Our design aesthetic is heavily influenced by the exquisite workmanship of the Victorian era and the elegant styles of the 1920's. We peruse antique shops searching for unusual vintage items to repurpose into distinct statement pieces. Actual antiques from these eras are incorporated into our designs to create expressive pieces, full of character; each becoming a splendid addition to your lifestyle! Whether you are a Steampunk devotee or passionate collector, you are sure to find a piece that's perfect for you! Gilded Butterfly Studio's pieces are precisely made to meet high standards, you can be confident of their quality.

Sue Piantaggini- Owner, Artist:

Excels in the design & finishing aspects of our furniture,décor & lighting pieces, as well as the design & construction of our jewelry, medals & capes.

Don Piantaggini- Maker:

Proficient in the design, construction & repurposing of our vintage furniture, decor & lighting pieces.

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